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Over 40 And Fit AF Personal Trainer Eric Rapoza is the right personal trainer to hire. He can be the real difference between getting results, or NOT! Click on the button for more information.


Over 40 And Fit AF Personal Trainer Eric Rapoza, has over 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, weight loss, nutrition & health coach. His personal training specialties are body transformations, extreme weight loss, bodybuilding, strength and sports specific training.

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Eric Rapoza

Eric Rapoza is one of San Diego's elite trainers. He's experienced, professional, knowledgeable, prompt and has 30+ years of experience. Eric offers in gym and online personal training, small group training, weight loss and nutritional plans.

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Eric Piskura
Eric Piskura
Eric is the real deal! He took the time to understand my eating habits before making a customized meal plan. The workout routine has been awesome and my body has made huge changes! He truly cares and wants me to succeed. If you don’t have Eric on your team you are missing out on making the best YOU!
Ashwin Khurana
Ashwin Khurana
I can’t recommend Eric enough! I lost my first 20 lbs when I switched to Eric’s meal plans and meal prep. It allowed me to keep my energy focused on the gym, at work, and on the countless other areas of my life that needed attention without sacrificing my nutrition. Honestly, the clean food intake made a huge difference in my gains at the gym too. Whatever your situation is and whatever your goals are, I can confidently say that there are very FEW other people with the knowledge, skills, experience, and personality to be as good or as effective of a coach as Eric is. You’re in good hands, and the investment you put in him is guaranteed to translate into a healthier, confident, and more fit YOU!
Carolina C
Carolina C
Eric is a fantastic coach. He is very knowledgeable and motivational. Working out with him pushed me several levels I couldn't imagine possible when I started - and at the same time I always we were going at a safe pace. I cannot recommend Eric more!
Linda Grant
Linda Grant
After turning 50, I gained some weight and needed that extra push to help me reach my goal. I came across Eric by a mutual friend. I have always been a runner and often felt intimidated with weightlifting. Eric made me feel comfortable from day one. I absolutely love going to “The Gym” and look forward to my weekly workouts. I have had a few trainers in my lifetime and Eric by far is the best. He is very professional, reliable and knows how to motivate you to push a little harder. I appreciate the time he takes to answer my questions when it comes to nutrition and health. I look forward to having him as my coach as I reach this fitness journey!!!
Geoff L
Geoff L
Ive spent almost 10 years utilizing Erics workout routines, nutrition coaching and if you're lucky enough to live local, his personally made meal-prep. His consistency week after week, year after year, has not only driven results, but made him a staple in the San Diego body building community for the last 30+ years. There is a reason everyone goes to him for the coaching, mentoring, and results. Congrats to you Eric for the continued success!
Andrew West
Andrew West
Eric has been amazing in helping me get stronger in the gym. I’ve been training with him a short while and I’m already seeing results. If you want to have efficient gym sessions, Eric is your man. He’s a great guy with an even more incredible story. Looking to big gains in 2023.
Vivian Solis
Vivian Solis
First, I want to start off by saying Eric is a GREAT Coach! Hes helped change my mindset in a good way & has helped change my body appearance in an even better way! Eric is a caring coach with a genuine personality. He will push you past your own limit & will never give up on you, or let you give up on yourself. Trust me when I say, You Can Trust Him! I am 40 and I feel great.
Miri Idrizi
Miri Idrizi
Coach ERIC is by far the most AMAZING TRAINER I’ve dealt with. He will make your “CANNOT” into “CANS”. There were times I wanted to quit because I thought that I couldn’t do one more rep then when I thought that I was done with that rep, he would push me and say “come on do 5 more”.I really hated him back then lol because all I wanted to do was be done,butttttt…there’s NO giving up/quitting/or no I can’t when you train with him. He’ll push you past any obstacle that you think you can’t do… HE’LL BELIEVE IN YOU WHEN YOU DON’T!! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I’m forever grateful for your encouragement and impact in my life!

Personal Trainer and Health Coach Eric Rapoza is known for his unique ability to take an individual or sports athlete and turn them into something unstoppable.

Don't want to be the next superhero, that's cool - beginners are welcome too. Get out of your comfort zone, sign up today and find some grit in your training routine.


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Rachel was not happy with her life, she was overweight and felt terrible. 90 Days later you can see the difference and she still looks amazing two years later.

Rachel 90 Day Body Transformation
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Jason was over 300+ lbs and way to young for all the health problems he had at the time. After 4 months he lost over 140 lbs. and as you can see he's ripped!

Jason Extreme Weight Loss
jacob downsized weight loss management plan for women

Stacey was so determined when she came in to sign up for her first session. She absolutely smashed her goals, lost weight, toned her entire body and now is a fitness coach herself.

Stacey 90 Day Online Training
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Karen signed up for personal training and also utilized the online training app. Her workouts were always 100% and that's why she looks the way she does.

Karen Personal Training
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