Owner Eric Rapoza

  • Name : Eric Rapoza
  • Experience : 30+ Years
  • Age : 45 Years

Personal Trainer

Eric Rapoza list of professional accolades and credentials as a personal trainer is extensive and spans over a 20-year career in the fitness industry. Eric Rapoza is knowledgeable in optimal nutrition, weightlifting, bodybuilding, body-weight exercises for agility, flexibility, mobility, movement, and developing athletic performance. The company was founded by Eric Rapoza, a personal trainer and health coach. With over 30+ years experience in the fitness industry, Eric has everything you need to reach your goals and feel alive again. Eric Rapoza is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer through ACE . Other certifications include Certified Yoga Instructor, First Aid, CPR and has a B.S. Natural Health from Natural Health College. Call Eric: +1 (619) 995-2436 Services: Personal & Group Training, Bodybuilding, Online Coaching, Meal Plans, Weight Loss, Boxing, Self-Defense, 90 Day Transformation.


  • Personal Training100%

  • Nutrition Plans100%

  • Online Training100%